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Hosting Martin Marty?

Like other speakers, Marty is often asked by hosts about his preferences in travel, lodging, event logistics, etc. The following addresses the most frequently asked questions.

Booking: Marty is not represented by an agent. Queries may be e-mailed directly to him.

Advance publicity: Any material on this website may be used, within copyright restrictions, in preparing publicity materials for a Marty event.

Media: Marty will be glad to respond to local print or electronic media representatives when such contacts fit into his schedule and are to the advantage of the host.

Flying: Marty prefers to make his own plane reservations rather than work through the host’s agent, because travel plans often change and it is easier to work with his local travel agent, who always finds the lowest feasible rate.

Pick-up at airport: Marty always agrees to meet his host at the baggage counter, whether he checks bags or not.

Lodging: Gregarious though he is, Marty needs privacy, as he takes his “portable office” along. When he stays overnight prior to an event the next day, he prefers quiet hotel or campus guest house accommodations for laptop and other work. When his obligations end with an evening event, he usually takes the first flight home the next day and thus prefers to be booked that night at an airport motel, since campuses, etc., are often far from airports.

Naps: After lunch and before an afternoon appearance or just before dinner, Marty typically takes a 7- to 10-minute refresher nap.

Meals: Marty prefers to breakfast alone; he is an early riser and likes to work without interruption until the first public event of the day. He enjoys sharing lunch and/or dinner with his host; he loves to mix and to learn from faculty, students, and others.

Receptions: Marty enjoys mixing with others at receptions.

Formal introductions at events: Marty prefers these be reasonably short.

Equipment for speeches: Lectern, microphone, lighting, glass of water.

Length of lecture: Unless otherwise specified, Marty speaks for exactly 50 minutes; the following question-and-answer period is usually about 20 minutes.

Response to lecture: Marty likes to take one-on-one oral responses to his lectures. He is comfortable calling on questioners on his own without an assistant “directing traffic.”

Audio-visual recording: Hosts may record and make any legitimate use of Marty’s presentation that is to their advantage; Marty does not expect any royalties.

Transcriptions and manuscripts: Only in very rare circumstances does Marty agree to produce a manuscript before or after an event. He does not agree to print transcriptions from audio recordings, as his speaking style differs so much from his writing style that the editing is harder to do than writing in the first place.

Honorarium: When asked what his speaking fee is, Marty always responds, “Do for me what you do for others like me.”

Expense reporting: After the event, Marty will provide the host institution an accounting of travel and any other expenses (such as parking charges from the airport garage in Chicago).

Mailing address: To send any necessary documentation, reimbursements, etc., to Marty, please use the following address.

Martin E. Marty
175 E. Delaware #8508
Chicago, IL 60611

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